Even Graffiti can say Hi

Even Graffiti can say Hi

In the Short North of Columbus there is a couple of buildings which some artist placed graffiti style murals. This is a portion of one. Such a friendly monster.


A Day in Newark

Really, this is what it’s like in Newark everyday. What, you don’t belive me? OK, I exaggerated a little. It’s every third day like this.

A Good Man Past Away

A Good Man Past Away

Today I found out that one of my oldest friends past away. Ben, you will be missed but never forgotten.

Do you like Naruto?

Here’s a test shot of me doing a Chidori from the show Naruto. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

In Honor of Star Wars Day

Yesterday was Star Wars Day So of course I had to do something for it. Here’s my son (Darth Kermit) teaching the librarian some new tricks.

The Holo HUD

Do you need to stop that school bully? Maybe perhaps your science teacher gave you a bad grade on your project. How about teaching your gym teacher a whole new way to play dodge ball? With the Exterminator 3000 XL all this can be achieved here and now! Just look at this child’s excitement.

To order your own contact the Bammie Wham! hot line and get your BAM on NOW!!!!!!!

Purple Daisies? Must Be Spring.


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