Got a flag picture that needs to be seen differently?

Everyone has seen every flag in the world on a flagpole. It’s just not all that interesting anymore, or is it. Well maybe a new angle can help. In this photo I was walking through a covered alleyway that had flags hung from the roof. Now of course I could have snapshot an image and moved on but that would have been just BORING!

So I started thinking of how to make that snapshot sing out with beauty and excitement. Walking around the hanging from all angles really didn’t help much so instead of looking up I looked down. There in the middle right below the flag was a nice leafy plant arrangement.

Well then my mind popped this question. “What would it look like if an ant looked up from a leaf?” I set my lens to 35mm with a f/18 stop to keep everything in focus. My first shot looked ok but the leaves were dark, so I fired the flash which illuminated the bottom of the leaves nicely.

The resulting picture gave a great angle to an age old photo and the leaves gives it that interest needed to pull the viewer into the flag. So before taking your next photo ask yourself, “How can this be made new? What would it look like from a new angle?” I feel you will be pleasantly surprised from the result.


About Mark Birks
Professional photographer specializing in fine art photography and portraiture.

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