Large format with 35mm DSLR’s? Is it possible?

With a little playing yes it’s not only possible but you can achieve images bigger than large format. Basically it involves using your tripod, a camera that allows you to control the exposure, and some photo stitching software. The process is this:

1. Setup your camera on the tripod and get an exposure reading either by using the in camera meter or a hand held meter. Once you have a reading set your camera into manual and set your F/ stop, ISO, and shutter speed and leave them set. It’s important to have a consistent exposure to make the image look uniform.

2. Start taking your picture. Aim for the highest point that you want in the picture first. Then move the camera down (or to the side depending on your image) about 1/3 of the viewfinder. Then take your next picture. Continue this until the entire scene is recorded.

3. Upload all the pictures and open your photo stitching software. There are many good programs out there and chances are that your camera came with a program with it’s own bundle. Simply select your images and then let the computer do the work.

Simple as that, now you have beautiful large format images without the expense of the large format cameras. This technique will also allow you to make 360 degree images as well as cool panoramas. Give it a try and have some fun.


About Mark Birks
Professional photographer specializing in fine art photography and portraiture.

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