The 50mm kit lens, it’s not just a paperweight.

Most everyone feels that the 50mm lens that comes with the camera is ok to start with but needs to be quickly replaced with a longer zoom lens. This is a terrible misconception and really doesn’t give this versatile lens it’s due respect.

Most kit lenses are now zoom lenses ranging from somewhere near 18 to around 55 mm. Some are less others are more but we’re all about the same here. What a great range! Not only can you get great landscapes but you can also do fantastic portraits. Secondly these kit lenses have a wonderful close focus range nearing about one foot or less. While they aren’t macro lenses they still can get beautiful close shots.

Here’s an experiment for you set your lens to 50mm and then start taking pictures. The only adjustment your allowed to make is for focus. Experiment with the focal length, take a couple days (or weeks) with it. You will come out realizing just how much more intimate with your surroundings. Why? Because it forces you to get closer unlike the longer lenses. Take a stroll downtown with it you’ll see your town in a new light and discover new places and things.

Here’s something also, up to this post all of the images on this blog, except for the photo illustration category, has been taken using my 18-55mm kit lens. I’m telling you it’s more useful than you think check it out.


About Mark Birks
Professional photographer specializing in fine art photography and portraiture.

One Response to The 50mm kit lens, it’s not just a paperweight.

  1. egdellog says:

    i like the picture of the tree; putting it in black and white makes it look more dramatic

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