Studio’s aren’t always the only way.

Do you really need to buy expensive flash equipment, soft boxes, backdrops, and rent a studio to take good portraits? No, absolutely not. In fact, past the cost of a good camera and a desk lamp you don’t need much more.

It really comes down to the quality of light and composition of the picture that makes or breaks a shot. Here’s a perfect example. In this shot I’m using a desk lamp with a 75 watt compact florescent bulb and daylight coming through a window. The wall is sponge painted giving a nice textured background and the model is at a 15 degree angle to the window.

I set the camera on aperture priority and closed down to f/3.5 and didn’t use the flash. The bigest issue here is that the camera will need a slow exposure so either use a IS lens or preferably a steady tripod. White balance is an issue here as well because of the two different light sources. Since the main light is the sunlight from the window, I set the white balance to shade.

After the photo shoot I tweaked the picture in Photoshop to get the contrast right. I keep my camera in RAW format to aid in post processing control but it’s not necessary.

Bottom line is great pictures are made with good planing and composition, not big expensive gadgets. While these things help and do make things easier it is not always necessary to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on them for a nice portrait to come out.


About Mark Birks
Professional photographer specializing in fine art photography and portraiture.

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  1. churchwell says:

    This is good

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