Christmas balls

3B digital asked:

Very nice! I see the castle. Did you do this with the “Balls and Bubbles” effect? (maybe that’s only in Paint Shop Pro–??)

Well actually no. This picture involes a stock image file of christmas decorations in a bin at a store and previously made pictures. Once my source files were set up I would select an area of one of the digital illustrations with a circular selection tool.

Then I selected Filter>Distort>Spherize and set the distortion value to 100% giving the selected area a good rounded sphere look. After that I copied the selection and went to the decorations image. I picked the ornament I wanted and selected it (I went into quick mask to make sure the edges that go behind objects were correct).

Next I went to Edit>Paste into, this places the copied selection into the ornament selection. I used free transform to fit the image to the right size of the ornament. Next I changed the blend mode to overlay and lowered the opacity to show more realisim.

Now it’s a rinse and repeat process.


About Mark Birks
Professional photographer specializing in fine art photography and portraiture.

One Response to Christmas balls

  1. 3bdigitalart says:

    Wonderful ‘tut’! I’ll have to play with that in PSP. I think the only option I don’t have is “quick mask” but I can improvise.

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