It’s the small things

You have to look out for the small things when you walk. Sure the vast landscape of Moab, Utah or the geysers of Yellowstone are great subjects but the small world is fantastic and often ignored.

For example, as my wife, sons, and myself walked through a local park last early spring I was stopped. My wife told me to look down and take a picture. Confused I glanced down and there in the grass was this hatched robin egg just laying there in the grass. I snapped off a few pictures finding the subject oddly interesting. How did it get there, how did it escape from getting trampled on, what’s the story behind the egg?

My point is this, great pictures aren’t always of grand things. It’s often the small often missed world that people walk by everyday and not even notice that makes the great picture. The photographers job is to record what is there because it may not be a moment later. Find the unkknown parts of the world be it big or small and make a story.


About Mark Birks
Professional photographer specializing in fine art photography and portraiture.

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