Getting the close shot

There are times that all I feel like taking shots of are landscapes, nature, and anything else big, then there are other times that the small world overtakes  me. While there are an unlimited number of picture opportunities abound in this world, the small close micro world is largely ignored.

Simply set up a tripod, put your camera on it, get something with an interesting texture (almost anything will work, the close shots change the item immensely) and then set your lights. That’s about it. Once the lighting is right (table lamps were used in this shot) and your composition is setup simply press the shutter.

If you need to, crop your photo to remove any distracting elements and then BAM! there you are. A nice close look at the micro world that most people ignore and take for granted. The best part is that you can turn just about anything from mundane to artistic with just a little light setup and tripod.

Just a small hint, good contrast of shades and strong dramatic shadows add greatly to a black and white shot when shooting a close subject.

Happy shooting. Let me know how your shots turn out.


About Mark Birks
Professional photographer specializing in fine art photography and portraiture.

2 Responses to Getting the close shot

  1. Justin Kern says:

    Great post – it’s true – I sometimes oscillate between shooting the macro and micro world. Images of printed circuits always remind me of Koyaanisqatsi.

  2. Thanks Justin, I wasn’t familiar with the film Koyaanisqatsi so I had to wiki it. That is definitely is going on my to view list.

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