Using LAB color to punch it up some

Tired of using the saturation adjustment slider to increase the colors in your pictures? Well have you ever thought about using LAB color and then apply image? I know, it sounds scary but actually it’s a really good secret the Photoshop has. So let’s crack this secret.

1. Open your file and convert it to LAB color by going to Image>Mode>Lab Color. This is a non-destructive conversion from and back to RGB so feel free to do this anytime you want.

2. Now go back to the Image menu and select Apply Image. A pop-up menu appears and the preview shows a vivid and contrasty image. This is caused by the blending mode  being set on overlay. This can be changed to different modes but I’ve found that overlay and soft light  works really well.

3. Now each mode has three channels available to it(Lab, A, and B)  and each channel has a different look. So try each combination to find the look you want on each picture.

4. If you find the colors being a bit to intense on the modes you can turn it down by lowering the opacity. Select the opacity box and enter in a new percentage number. The lower the number the lower the effect has on the original.

5. Click on OK and switch back to RGB mode. BAM! your done. No sweat, no tears, no messing with curves or levels, just easy livin’.

Hope this makes your life easier, I personally am going to have a Pina Collada with my extra time.






About Mark Birks
Professional photographer specializing in fine art photography and portraiture.

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