Just tri-toning around

I’ve had a wallpaper design on my desktop a little to long and wanted something different. So I decided to use the Duotone mode in photoshop to tone this flower.

The process is simple:

1. Make sure your color picker is black and white.

2. Go to image>adjustments>gradient map and select the first gradient. Now your image is black and white with a nice tonal range (better than just gray scale).

3. Now go to image>mode>gray scale and click flatten image (if you have any layers) and then discard color information. Your image will not change any from the black and white but this step is needed so that the duotone mode is available.

4. once again go to image>mode>duotone. Now this is where you’ll need to do a little hunting (but only once). In the dialog box click load then locate your adobe photoshop CS3 file, then presets, then duotones.  Now you’ll see three folders Duotones, Tritones, and Quadtones.

5. Select any folder, that will open to more subfolder selections. Click on any of those you feel like (it’s a cruel joke by PS developers I think). Now, finally, you have weird filenames on your screen select on one and click load.

6. There you are, your picture is now toned. The computer will remember the location of the duotone file from now on and you’ll be able to get to the tones much easier. I like using the quadtone folder for black and white pictures because it gives great richness to the scene. But if you want a nice color tone try the tritones.

Experiment with the different file presets and create your own. Have fun toning.


About Mark Birks
Professional photographer specializing in fine art photography and portraiture.

2 Responses to Just tri-toning around

  1. sorrentolens says:

    Thanks for the tip here. I’ll give this a try. Good luck.

  2. Barbara says:

    I love the result! I’ll have to see if I can accomplish that with Paint Shop Pro.

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