Black and White week 8

I risked life and limb or at least poking my eye out to get this beauty of an ice sculpture. After work last night I was still trying to figure out just what I could photography that would show the current winter conditions here in Ohio. Of course I didn’t want the common snow drift or the car buried in snow of which I have one under about two feet of the white stuff. As my wife’s cousin put it, “We know what it looks like.”

So as I walked up my sidewalk to my door I saw this lovely icicle that formed just above my doorway on the tree. In the street lights it shown with just a fantastic radiance that told me I found my shot. I grabbed my camera and tripod and set up the picture. I didn’t use any lights other than what was available. Which meant the auto focus was useless and I had to manually focus the picture (not easy to do at 4:00 a.m.). Then a press of the button and there it was, lovely.

As I was packing up I remembered to look even further up and noticed the five foot spears of ice that has formed over my head for a couple of weeks. What was it my mom said,  “Don’t ever stand under ice. It can kill you.” Oh, she meant this moment not when I was eight.


About Mark Birks
Professional photographer specializing in fine art photography and portraiture.

4 Responses to Black and White week 8

  1. mythologess says:

    not dying while you’re taking pics is a good thing

  2. Barbara says:

    hahaha! Yep, they can be dangerous! Look ooooouuuuutttt!!! Great shot Mark! 🙂

  3. Thanks both of you. Yes dying is a bad thing, but it’s all for art (I think).

  4. Hey there Mark, great pics. (comment edited for the privacy of commenter)

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