It’s another new years post

Sherbert cup

I’ve been putting this off for a few days, wondering if all of you are sick of reading the “new year resolution” post that is so pervasive on the blogs this time of year.  My conclusion is “Yes, you are” and my answer to that is “Here’s one more! OH BOY!”

But I’ll give you a change from the same old thing. Instead of reflecting back on the past and stating how much I’ve grown in the past year and what things I want to change and maybe even a sob story included, I’ll just get down to the meat and bones. Of course I’ve dedicated two paragraphs already to blah…blah…blah but I digress.

In this year I am planning on going on day trips around Ohio. Where I live most of the state is within three hours of driving and really there is no excuse for not going to see the treasures of the land. Of course my camera is coming along to share the experiences. I also want to improve on the quality of the blog by making it more of an information resource as well as a showcase for my work.

I would love to hear from anyone who has been to unusual and/or interesting places in Ohio. Also if you have any suggestions on what things to improve on the blog please leave a comment. Thanks for reading yet another new years resolution post and being a loyal reader over the past year. For those of you who is new to this blog, welcome and thank you. I certainly hope you will find this site helpful and informative.


Just in case you didn’t get enough New Years posts, here’s some more:


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