Went to the park yesterday

playground 082

The family and I went to the park on Thursday, since it was such a nice day and all, and spent almost the whole time at the playground. Some time went by and I was getting some shots in but really I have about 300 pictures of my kids here and I wanted something different. I decided to walk along a small trail leading into the woods back to a creek behind the park. Again, I got a couple of landscapes and a vertical of a tree but I just wasn’t satisfied. That’s when I turned and saw this. Not long ago a large amount of rain flooded this area with runoff and a bunch of debris pilled up here. Perched right on top was this pink Crock.

I have no idea how it got there, where It came from, or even why a foot isn’t wearing it. It’s simply an out place thing showing up in a odd out of the way area. I have always said, “The small overlooked details give us our stories.”


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