Finally the Power Has Returned!

On Friday June 29 Ohio and several other states experienced a devastating storm that did widespread damage and destroyed huge amounts of the electrical grid system. For three days My own home was out of power the air conditioning was down in 95 degree weather and all of the food and perishable items in the refrigerator had to be thrown out.

storm damage 011

Needless to say things were miserable for children and adults alike. Even swimming pools were of limits since the filtration pumps were down.

storm damage 039

Around the state scenes like his were everywhere. Trees that were standing for decades just fell in the 80 mph winds, more than 35 power substations in the Newark area alone were damaged, and countless power poles and lines were brought down.

storm damage 048

Even with all this the communities around the town united and helped each other. The Red Cross provided shelters where needed, the National Guard  checked on the most vulnerable  to heat stress, and the local businesses provided water and food .

storm damage 018

storm damage 022

storm damage 032

On Tuesday our power was restored and the full power restoration is expected by Sunday. On behalf of the community of Newark, I would like to express my appreciation to the line men and women of  AEP and the the assisting power companies from out of state, Mayor Jeff Hall, the Red Cross, the National Guard, WCLT T-100, and all of the volunteers who helped us through this. Without all of your help we would still be in the dark. To those who aren’t mentioned above who helped a large thank you goes to you also. You are no less important to any of us, I just don’t know your names.

On this Independence day holiday, the American spirit shined and the true spirit of the country came out. This year will be in my memory for years to come as my favorite and the example of why I love my country.

storm damage 035


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