MBP Photo Challenge: The Knife, Fork, and Spoon

Still working on the feature title but getting closer, but here’s a new challenge for you. Being stuck indoors is a drag, however it doesn’t mean you need to stop shooting. In fact it’s the perfect time to hone your creative skills. That’s exactly what I did one day while inside due to rain.

Seeing that I wanted to really challenge the creativity in me, I gave myself a choice of only one of three plain objects to photograph. They were a butter knife, a spoon , or a fork and my choice had to be the main focus of the composition. Also since this was a creative challenge I had to make at least thirty different shots with this utensil and then finally choose only the five best shots.

Well I chose the fork and got out my equipment. I used my Canon XT, speed flash with wireless trigger, and 5 in 1 reflector for the session and got cracking. I’ll admit it got pretty hard coming up with thirty new ways to make a picture of a fork but it really did help open my mind to trying new ideas.

In the end I got my shots and narrowed them down to the final five. Here they are.

Give it a try yourself. Choose one of the three utensils and make it the main subject of the picture (other things can be in the shot but the utensil must be the star). Create no fewer than thirty unique shots and then choose five of the best images of them all. Happy shooting and please leave a comment below with links to your results. I’d love to see them.


About Mark Birks
Professional photographer specializing in fine art photography and portraiture.

3 Responses to MBP Photo Challenge: The Knife, Fork, and Spoon

  1. rfljenksy says:

    My first thought was.. “This guy has much better utensils than I do.” I’ve come back to these pictures at least 4 times. Amazing challenge. I might try it. I’ve mainly been utilizing the pictures I already have for most of my challenges and inspirations. I just bought a new point and shoot and think I want to start branching in a bit more. Thanks for the idea. I’ll see if it works.. 30 of one.. ok. what if I add chopsticks?

  2. Mark Birks says:

    Chopsticks? Hmmm…now that’s a challenge. Seeing that the chopsticks is the fork of Asia, yeah go for it. Just remember it’s 30 unique shots, then narrow down to the top 5. Also the chopsticks must be the main subject.

    Goodluck and as always, of it’s not fun your doing it wrong. Thanks for reading.

  3. rfljenksy says:

    Ok it’s on.. eek.. and p.s. the chopsticks are the fork, the knife AND the spoon so to speak

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