Google’s 14th Birthday is Today

library shoot 130

Can you believe it, fourteen years ago Google began it’s world domination. Whole generations of people now have no clue what it’s like to look up things using a card catalog. In fact it wouldn’t surprise me if they ask, “Card cata…what?”

While doing a shoot in the Licking County Library for their Snapshot day promotion I came across this fantastic and beautiful wood card catalog. “I have never seen this being used, why do you have it hidden away from the patrons?”, I asked my guide/assistant.

“Oh, that’s the original catalog from our older building before we built this one. When we got the new computerized catalog system up and running this was made obsolete. Besides everyone uses Google to find information now.”

I pulled open the drawer to find it empty and a bit of sadness ran through my heart. Call me nostalgic but I kind of liked looking  through those cards, even though I hardly ever found the exact book I was looking for.


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