Weekly Challenge: Mine

That's not how you do it

Today my wife tells me to read a thread on a digital scrapbooking forum she is a part of but she wouldn’t tell me why. So I sit down nice and calm and get a little happy when I see the thread title, “Chili, what’s your secret ingredient”. Boy was I in for a surprise revelation.

Now I’m no purest or anything but when people start talking about putting cocoa, spaghetti sauce, and curry into chili I start to develop a nervous twitch and my head begins to ache. Then I started to see things like “2 big cans of sauce and 2 cans of beans (kidney and pinto) . That’s all.”, and my blood pressure rises.

Then finally the boiling over point hits when I read the last few posts. MANGOS AND OTHER FRUITS!!!!!!!!!


Really people, GET YOUR HANDS OFF MY CHILI!!!!!!!


About Mark Birks
Professional photographer specializing in fine art photography and portraiture.

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