PictoWriMo Day 2

Today’s theme is macro. However there is a huge problem; I don’t own a macro lens. So looking around on the internet I discovered that if you take two lenses and face the front elements towards each other you will create a macro lens. Of course you wont get the superfine focusing and you’ll lose a lot of light but it still works and is quite fun.

So, go get two lenses, in this case I used my 18-55mm on my camera and handheld my 50mm in front of it. There are adapters that thread right onto the filter threads of each lens attaching them together, but once again I don’t have that. handholding worked for this purpose just fine. Now find a subject to photograph and move in until it’s in focus (your going to be close so don’t be near hot stuff) and then take your picture.

You may need to turn the autofocus off and be sure to use nice and bright lights. It seemed as though you lose at least 2 stops of light by going through the two lenses so the brighter the better. Also the AF on my camera was working hard to focus on such a small depth of field (only 1 or 2 mm of focus plane) so I just turned it off and moved my body to focus.

Anyway here’s the results:

Pictowrimo 003

 Pictowrimo 004

What do you think? I’m always interested in theme ideas so if you have some or would like to join in on the PictoWriMo challenge leave a comment below. Happy shooting everyone.


About Mark Birks
Professional photographer specializing in fine art photography and portraiture.

4 Responses to PictoWriMo Day 2

  1. Kelly G says:

    Do you think you can get a similar result through a microscope?

  2. Mark Birks says:

    Yes, I believe you can. They do sell adapters that can attach your camera to the microscope and I think if you set your camera close to the eyepiece you can look through it like you would with your eye. This is like looking through a peephole.

  3. Kelly says:

    Any advice or thoughts without having to buy expensive equipment? I’m trying to a super up close shot.

  4. Mark Birks says:

    The closest I got to this application is using my camera on a door peephole. I made a post on how I did it https://birks.wordpress.com/2012/11/07/pictowrimo-day-7/

    I hope this helps.

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