Photo Challenge: My 2012 in Pictures (Best Of)

Happy New Year! 2013 is here (boy, didn’t think that would happen) we missed the Apocalypse, survived the presidential campaign, and kept our brains intact through a season of Honey Boo Boo (barely). Since we have something like 50 or 60 more years before the next official end of the world, I’m making new plans for group outings in Newark, OH, a large photo project, and new classes. I’m also going to be making video posts and more question and answer posts this year.

But I need your help. In order to get some of these ideas to work, I need questions to answer, topics to illustrate, and things to make videos about. Where will I get these? From you! Send me your questions and suggestions of topics to me. Let me know what you want to find out about. I love getting emails and comments from my readers (It’s among my favorite things). So send them my way and let’s have a year full of photographs.

Here’s what I felt where my best of 2012 pictures. What do you think?


About Mark Birks
Professional photographer specializing in fine art photography and portraiture.

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