Even Graffiti can say Hi

Even Graffiti can say Hi

In the Short North of Columbus there is a couple of buildings which some artist placed graffiti style murals. This is a portion of one. Such a friendly monster.


A Day in Newark

Really, this is what it’s like in Newark everyday. What, you don’t belive me? OK, I exaggerated a little. It’s every third day like this.

A Good Man Past Away

A Good Man Past Away

Today I found out that one of my oldest friends past away. Ben, you will be missed but never forgotten.

Do you like Naruto?

Here’s a test shot of me doing a Chidori from the show Naruto. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

In Honor of Star Wars Day

Yesterday was Star Wars Day So of course I had to do something for it. Here’s my son (Darth Kermit) teaching the librarian some new tricks.

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