An Underwater Oddity


Just 8 inches away. So close but yet so far.


I Love Me Some Lettuce


Getting his vegetarian on at the zoo.

Viewfinder Episode 4: Using Flash Gels

In the previous episode Ben Priest asked about flash gels. Well I went searching around the net and found some expert photographers who can explain (better than I) the use of these handy and very important tools.

Thanks for the question Ben and if anyone has questions about photography, email me using the link on the sidebar or leave a comment below. Your question can be featured on an upcoming episode.


A Bird in Hand is Worth Four in a Tree?

A Bird in Hand is Worth Four in a Tree?

Doing Some Thinking and Car fixing

Lately I’ve taken a short hiatus from posting (as you could tell) to get a little focus on what I want to accomplish with my photography, blog, and now YouTube channel. I felt a little scattered and needed to take a short break. Then some toys came in the mail.

My Olympus Pen E-P3 and the new GoPro Hero3 Black edition. Both of which I will be reviewing here on MBP. As for now I can say they are both brilliant! However as I was learning all about them, my car decided it needed top top half of it’s engine to be replaced and/or cleaned. So I’m left with some sample shots from the garage I had it repaired at and some at home clips.

So until better weather and better opportunities arise I’m afraid we’ll just have to enjoy these sample previews from the E-P3 and Hero3.


These are from the Olympus E-P3. My poor car!

Shot with the GoPro Hero3 at 100 fps.

I Got a New Toy Today. Guess What It Is

Here I am eating my corn chips in 60 fps. I just had to start playing with my new toy. Guess what it could be.

This is Not What I Want to Awaken to

For the past three days I’ve had my days off from work. On these three days it’s been cold but snowless, which is fine I’m not a fan of either. But upon awaking this morning I find this happening on the day I go back to work!

Now, on the day I return to work, OUTSIDE I might add, this happens!? Ugh, whatever. That’s Ohio for you.


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