Even Graffiti can say Hi

Even Graffiti can say Hi

In the Short North of Columbus there is a couple of buildings which some artist placed graffiti style murals. This is a portion of one. Such a friendly monster.


Quote of the Day

Your supposed to be scared when your living a life of living.

By activist photographer Chris Jordan

Here’s Looking at You Kid


Upon waking this morning, which includes my wife turning on the light and saying, “Mark, get up” I turned  to get my glasses and saw this. It’s a part of the image of a book I’m reading called People Pictures by Chris Orwig and my Bodhi bracelet just happened to be circling the eye.

In my mind it screamed take a picture of it and make it black and white. So I took it downstairs to the table which has a window next to it. It was a little overcast today and the amount of light was soft but dark so I setup my speedlight on full power to the left and reflecting of the white wall to brighten things up and triggering it with a wireless remote. The camera settings are f/5.6, 1/200 sec. shutter speed, ISO 100 and 55mm focal length hand held.

In PS elements I converted to B and W and burned in the dark areas of the iris, pupil, and eyelashes. Oh did I mention, one shot, one take (Do you want the camera now? Because I nailed it Smile).

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