Even Graffiti can say Hi

Even Graffiti can say Hi

In the Short North of Columbus there is a couple of buildings which some artist placed graffiti style murals. This is a portion of one. Such a friendly monster.


A Good Man Past Away

A Good Man Past Away

Today I found out that one of my oldest friends past away. Ben, you will be missed but never forgotten.

Purple Daisies? Must Be Spring.


An Underwater Oddity


Just 8 inches away. So close but yet so far.

I Love Me Some Lettuce


Getting his vegetarian on at the zoo.

Viewfinder Episode 4: Using Flash Gels

In the previous episode Ben Priest asked about flash gels. Well I went searching around the net and found some expert photographers who can explain (better than I) the use of these handy and very important tools.

Thanks for the question Ben and if anyone has questions about photography, email me using the link on the sidebar or leave a comment below. Your question can be featured on an upcoming episode.


A Bird in Hand is Worth Four in a Tree?

A Bird in Hand is Worth Four in a Tree?

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