Even Graffiti can say Hi

Even Graffiti can say Hi

In the Short North of Columbus there is a couple of buildings which some artist placed graffiti style murals. This is a portion of one. Such a friendly monster.


An Underwater Oddity


Just 8 inches away. So close but yet so far.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Delicate

columbus walk 201

Weekly Challenge: Happy

Being together as a family is what makes me happy. What makes you happy? Leave a comment below and let me know.

P.S. Another thing that makes me happy are all the readers who subscribe, like, and comment. Thank you all for reading and sharing.

In The Good Old Summertime

columbus walk 010

The sun illuminates only the eyes of the man, but shines into the eye and the heart of a child – Ralph Waldo Emerson

I wanted to just remind everyone about the summer one last time.  Remember though, no siting on the seat or you’ll lose something important.

A Look to the Past

025 copy

It’s always the story behind the towns that catch my eye. Clearly the owner of Millers thought his business was going to be around just as long as the building with his sign on it was. Notice the black line across the wall? That’s the roofline from the store. I don’t remember ever seeing a building there and I grew up in this town.

Things come and go but they are remembered in some form or another. Miller’s is gone but it’s sign lives on.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Urban

This week WordPress made a challenge on a subject I love to do “Urban”. So I grabbed my camera and took a walk in my hometown Newark, Ohio.


Only in the city can you rock the shirt on the head look. Fashion? NAILED IT!


The top of our courthouse is just cool to me. In the winter they light it up with Christmas lights and it is just a sight to see.


All over town there are these statues of kids and adults. Some are sitting, some are standing, there’s even one that is in a rocking chair reading a book. This really shows how art oriented Newark is and I would love to see an arts festival here.

So there we are, my “Urban” for all to see. Thanks for reading, now go out and rock that head shirt/hat.

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