A Day in Newark

Really, this is what it’s like in Newark everyday. What, you don’t belive me? OK, I exaggerated a little. It’s every third day like this.


Do you like Naruto?

Here’s a test shot of me doing a Chidori from the show Naruto. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

In Honor of Star Wars Day

Yesterday was Star Wars Day So of course I had to do something for it. Here’s my son (Darth Kermit) teaching the librarian some new tricks.

The Holo HUD

Do you need to stop that school bully? Maybe perhaps your science teacher gave you a bad grade on your project. How about teaching your gym teacher a whole new way to play dodge ball? With the Exterminator 3000 XL all this can be achieved here and now! Just look at this child’s excitement.

To order your own contact the Bammie Wham! hot line and get your BAM on NOW!!!!!!!

I Got a New Toy Today. Guess What It Is

Here I am eating my corn chips in 60 fps. I just had to start playing with my new toy. Guess what it could be.

PictoWriMo Day 30

It’s the final day of the PictoWriMo challenge and I thought I’d really try something I’ve never done before. So here we go, my first time lapse video. No cracks anyone, I know it’s not pretty but hey it’s not what I normally do. So what did you all think of the challenge, did this help any of you? Would you like to see more videos? What would you all like to see in future posts?

I appreciate all of the follows and likes that I received during this series. It was really encouraging and helped a lot for me to complete this project. Thanks everyone. Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think.

I just love time lapse video

Time lapse video is a personal favorite of mine. Watching how thing move in a fast reality and how it all relates to everything else is fascinating. Here are a few videos I feel you’ll find interesting.

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