In Honor of Star Wars Day

Yesterday was Star Wars Day So of course I had to do something for it. Here’s my son (Darth Kermit) teaching the librarian some new tricks.


Doing Some Thinking and Car fixing

Lately I’ve taken a short hiatus from posting (as you could tell) to get a little focus on what I want to accomplish with my photography, blog, and now YouTube channel. I felt a little scattered and needed to take a short break. Then some toys came in the mail.

My Olympus Pen E-P3 and the new GoPro Hero3 Black edition. Both of which I will be reviewing here on MBP. As for now I can say they are both brilliant! However as I was learning all about them, my car decided it needed top top half of it’s engine to be replaced and/or cleaned. So I’m left with some sample shots from the garage I had it repaired at and some at home clips.

So until better weather and better opportunities arise I’m afraid we’ll just have to enjoy these sample previews from the E-P3 and Hero3.


These are from the Olympus E-P3. My poor car!

Shot with the GoPro Hero3 at 100 fps.

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